My ideal daily life

How do I manage to combine my work and my hobby and now live the entire week like how I want to (live) later?

My work as a manager with broad responsibilities has always appealed to me and other topics in business besides finance (operations, supply chain, HR, IT, etc.) have always given me great satisfaction. Always paying attention to the personal development of colleagues and myself.

However, there was always an inside voice that indicated that I could live my ideal life someday later. Why not now? And what was my ideal ‘daily’ life?

On the one hand, years ago I once had a friend with whom I started developing a board game myself, by falling, learning and getting up we had come a long way. On the other hand, there was my professional work which made my living and challenged myself at a higher level.

I had to combine things! And what do you know there is much more of an overlap in my work as a broad CFO with board games when you start looking for that overlap. Making things simple, specifics in a board game or a company, ingenious solutions for apparent paradoxes…. it is reflected in both sides of the same coin.

From the beginning of 2018 I have taken the step to go for the combination in my company GimmiQ. In which I hope to be my own CFO / CEO, where my own personal development and that of my colleagues can be central (our ikigai *). And GimmiQ is becoming my own board game company.

In the past 1.5 years I have been able to combine GimmiQ board games with an interim CFO assignment (2 days/ week) and soon I want to share with you what I am working on. For now: GimmiQ has started! Including my new logo.

With kind regards, Hendrik

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